Our Approach

The Extropy Capital Approach

Company principals have achieved operational success and delivered target investment performance by rigorously adhering to the following disciplines:

  • Integrity and transparency

We prefer a clear and straightforward business relationship with investors and market participants.

  • Challenge market assumptions and conventions

We believe dynamic adaptation to an everchanging landscape of mortality and longevity drivers is a must. The ability to project the evolution of these key drivers enable Extropy to prospectively adjust asset and portfolio composition to meet target expectations.

  • Enhanced analysis promotes optimal financial performance

We remain engaged in all aspects of policy evaluation, aggregation and management ensuring investment goals are optimized.  Managers relying on outsourced services and functionality subject investors to generic analysis and a trend towards sub optimal investment performance.

  • Generating target investment performance requires specialized analysis and dynamic management

Our experience clearly demonstrates the ultimate value associated with considering quantitative and qualitative variables.  We utilize a robust analytic and evaluation methodology drawing upon biometric, pharmacological, lifestyle and financial inputs and trends to assess the value of an individual life insurance policy.

  • Due diligence

Our understanding of key due diligence issues when evaluating assets not only protects our investors but enables us to understand the potential impact on performance of each individual policy.

The Company principals have created and implemented a unique set of solutions to deliver target results for investors:

  • Biometric Analytics and Life Style Evaluations

We have engaged some of the leading social scientists and universities to construct a biometric and life style algorithm to help identify key distinguishing factors in support of our policy selection and aggregation initiatives.  This data is combined with the policy analytics provides a clearer, focused analysis helping to determine the merits of each individual policy.

  • Pharmacology Analytics and Mortality Underwriting

We have contracted with some of the world’s largest global reinsurers to provide us with an in-depth evaluation of select policies to uncover imbedded obstacles and opportunities, read this post here.

  • Investment Platforms

Historically we have attracted investors for longevity linked assets from within North America and from around the Globe.  Each investor has unique structuring, tax, compliance and principal protection requirements.  Our experience includes; working closely with advanced legal counsel, auditing firms, and asset management specialists designing investment programs in the space.  We can assist facilitating arrangements covering the complete continuum of equity, debt and structured notes to Euroclear and Clearstream  CUSIP numbered instruments.

  • Liquidity and Market Making

We have adopted a principal protected approach providing liquidity on a bespoke basis or opportunistically trade assets in existing markets.